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The name's Kurt. I'm 27 and married to the amazing Blaine Hummel-Anderson.
Not the boy nextdoor

Let’s Talk

For the past few weeks, Kurt’s mind had been filled with images of little feet being put into little shoes. Tiny heads with adorable little hats, maybe it was just because of that cute little jumper he had seen at the mall. Or maybe he had babysat Rachel’s daughter one too many times. But he couldn’t help fantasize over the thought of Blaine and himself with a child of their own. He knew that one day, he and Blaine would start a family of their own. But he just didn’t know when. And after three years of marriage, he knows that he wants a baby now more than ever.

He waited until Blaine was home from work to talk to him about it. And he had to admit, he was a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure how Blaine would react. He didn’t know if Blaine would agree with him. Once the door open and he heard that familiar voice greet him, he took a deep breath and walked out into the living room. “Hey honey.” 

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